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iESLab Winning Major Projects In the Unified Bidding-based Procurement Hosted by SGCC

According to the news from, the E-commerce platform of State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) released on April 29 a list of the winning candidates in the bidding-based procurement activity for the second batch of substation equipment, the first batch of power remote terminal unit, and power distribution terminal protocol inventory, with Integrated Electronic Systems Lab Co Ltd (iES LAB) winning numerous orders amounting to RMB 236.84 million yuan, including an order of RMB 120.56 million yuan for substation equipment (RMB 60.8 million yuan for substation protection and RMB 59.76 million yuan for computers & communications equipment integration), an order of RMB 103.91 million yuan for power remote terminal unit (RMB 22.25 million yuan for intelligent electricity meter, RMB 44,96 million yuan for concentrators & collectors, and RMB 36.7 million yuan for dedicated transformer terminal), and an order of RMB 12.36 million yuan for power distribution terminal, becoming one of the key manufacturers winning in the Unified Bidding-based Procurement Hosted by SGCC.

Thanks to its industrious and diligent efforts for more than 30 years in the field of the power system automation, iESLab has grown into one of the few suppliers for the smart grid integrated solution, creating a complete product series covering power grid dispatching automation, power plant & transformer substation automation, power distribution automation, power utilization information collection & management automation, and new electric energy automation solution.

In recent years, the Company won again and again major projects in the bidding and procurement activities hosted by State Grid Corporation of China and China Southern Power grid Corporation, and thus has become one of the providers for the integrated solutions to the smart grid at the very core, with some products exported to numerous countries and regions oversea.

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