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IESLab to Be the First in China in Completing Power Transmission for Combined Data Collecting from "Three Meters" in Xinyue Garden Community Undertaken

Low-voltage power transmission has come to a successful end recently in Remote Wired Integrated Data Collection and Meter Reading Project of Electricity, Water and Gas Meters located in the newly developed Xinyue Garden Community in Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province undertaken by IESLab. It is reported that the full-wired combined data collection project of "three meters" in Xinyue Garden Community in Changzhou City is the first in China, showing apparent advantages of high success rate of data collection, convenient maintenance in later stages and no disturbance of the people, and it will be taken as the typical demonstrative project in construction of new communities in future smart cities.

The National Development and Reform Commission and National Energy Administration have issued a series of documents to vigorously support the development of combined collection of meter data, achieve combined collection and reading of electricity, water, gas and heating gradually nationwide, construct integration platform of multi-industry energy coursing dynamic data and encourage sharing and reuse of energy and information bases. Though many similarities are shared in meter reading of electricity, water, gas and heating, each of them is self-contained and independent for they belong to different industries or units, causing failure of resource sharing, heavy workload in meter reading and tremendous waste of resources.

Under the support of the government, the project of Combined Data Collecting from "Three Meters" in Xinyue Garden Community is developed by joint efforts of Changzhou Power Supply Company, Changzhou Tongyong Water Supply Company and Changzhou Ganghua Fuel Gas Company after negotiation and the scheme of Combined Data Collecting from "Three Meters" of IESLab won the bid. Based on the demand of Changzhou Power Supply Company and integrating the actual situation of fiber-to-the-home in the community, IESLab applies wired data collection and further integrates the resources of residential users of electricity, water and gas to transmit the signals of the three meters after translation by carrier to the acquisition terminal of the power supply company. By such a scheme, real-time data collection, monitoring and analysis was achieved and the power consumption of users can be mined actively so as to send power consumption suggestions intelligently and reduce consumption cost of users. Wired "three-meter" combined collection has such superiorities as more stable signal, higher success rate of collection and no need to replace battery in due time compared with that by wireless mode.

IESLab is China's first supplier of integrated solutions covering industries and fields of smart power grids, smart fuel gas supply, smart water supply and smart heating supply. The Company has insisted on independent innovation and integrated innovation and has always been the pioneer of China's direct and automatic meter reading technology, facilitator of industrialization and maker of industrial standards. As early as in 2001, IESLab proposed the concept of direct meter reading firstly, possesses the most complete direct and remote-transmitting meter lines in China at present and has participated in preparation of many industrial standards and held 13 patent technologies in the direct and automatic meter reading field.

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