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Hunan's first fabricated substation was put into service

On March 4, the first 35KV pilot fabricated substation project "Yiyang Anhua Xiaoyan Substation Project" of State Grid Hunan Electric Power Company was put into service successfully, marking that the construction of 35KV substation in Hunan Province marches towards a new era in application of new technology. The products of IESLab made by advanced technologies and with stable performance and reliable operation are sound guarantee for one-off success of power delivery and the product quality and engineering service won high praise of the customer.

The largest difference of the construction of Xiaoyan Substation with previous ones lies in that all facilities in the integrated transformer chamber of the substation were all supplied, installed and commissioned by IESLab, including prefabricated buildings, monitoring & protection system, video monitoring system, electricity quantity collection system, network switching and longitudinal encryption system, 10kV switch cabinet and modular bases, truly realizing "modular design, workshop prefabrication and quick installation on site". Compared with common substations, the fabricated 35KV Xiaoyan Substation features such advantages as small coverage area, high equipment integration and short construction period.

As the first pilot project applying fabricated substation technology, Xiaoyan Substation has attracted highly concern of leaders and participation units at each level. Experts of Rural Electricity Department of Hunan Electric Power Company have visited the site for guidance for many times and IESLab has made great and joint efforts together with other units and given active cooperation for coordinating and planning, thus contributing to smooth operation of the project. After the successful implementation of the fabricated Xiaoyan Substation, IESLab has accumulated abundant practical experience in scheme design, engineering construction and commissioning and acceptance in fabricated substation and will continue to provide reliable products and quality services for construction of fabricated substations.

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