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IESLab swept through CMMI3 review

On January 14, 2016, Kevin Contherman, lead appraiser from the US, declared at the conference room of IESLab at Suncun Park that IESLab swept through CMMI3 review successfully. Later, Mr. Kevin Contherman awarded CMMI3 certificate to Wang Liang, general management of IESLab.

This appraisal is an official one integrating pre-appraisal and formal appraisal launched from January 7 to 14. In these 8 days, Kevin Contherman led the team including 5 other key members, took a random check of three projects covering three implementation strategies of research and development projects, reviewed 17 process domains at CMMI3 level, interviewed 19 persons of the company for six times and made strict investigation of the working products and process records concerning research and development projects and process improvement of the Company and concluded in the end that IESLab satisfied all targets and requirements of CMMI3 (Capability Maturity Model Integration) and thus passed the review.

Successful qualification this time is attributed to the mutual cooperation and joint efforts of quality management center, R&D center, grid affairs department, electricity quantity and marketing informationization department, chief engineer office, distribution network automation department, innovation institute and various offices, embodying the spirit of IESLab people of solidarity, sincere cooperation and common growth and progress.

This is the second time that the Company passed CMMI3 review after the first time in 2009. After passing the review for the first time, we completely followed the standard to establish the research and development process and mechanically applied it in research and development projects of the Company. However, we could make different project implementation strategies and tailoring guidelines based on our understanding on the standard and the research and development features of the Company in the review in 2013. In this review, we integrated contents of agile development and CMMI mode and added agile implementation strategy, creating a new and practical lightweight research and development management mode for the Company. The improvement course of the research and development management system of the Company in these six years fully embodies that we have made progress from mechanical acceptance of CMMI standard to thorough comprehension.

Passing CMMI3 this time is not only a recognition to the research and development system and the implementation thereof but also an opportunity to fully inspect and improve the system. We will make further reflection in future process improvement on how to give equal consideration of process standardability and effectiveness based on the gains in this review to make process improvement provide solid and powerful support for achieving higher business targets of the Company.

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