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Service Guide

Service telephone

Service Hotline: 0531-88018000-3149

Complaint Hotline: 0531-88018000-2268

Behavioral principles of sales and services

1. Observe laws and disciplines, act on principles.

2. Understand company products, be familiar with intermediary products of the industry, strive to improve technological level.

3. Respect and care clients, understand clients’ demand, take initiative to solve difficulties for clients.

4. Actively plan marketing programs, do a good work of various preparation and win clients’ trust.

5. Master skills of time management, ensure to attend appointments in time.

6. Build an environment of respecting clients, recommend suitable products in accordance with clients’ needs and conduct detailed explanation, stress technological strengths of the company’s products, and propose best solutions.  

7. Accurately and patiently reply questions proposed by clients in details, or timely ask instructions from relevant experts or upper-level leaders of the company in accordance with detailed situations.

8. Pay attention to collect market information, timely master clients’ new demand for products and new functions of products of the same industry, record and summarize them and report to upper-level leaders.

9. Trace contracts after contracts are signed, maintain contacts with clients.

10. Actively communicate with clients, take initiative to solve problems for clients, and enhance mutual trust.


Behavioral principles of services in the project site  

1. Service staffs must come to the site to serve clients after passing the company’s project service standards assessment and departmental project service certifications.

2. Implement labeled service system of project responsible persons. Conform to various rules and regulations of clients’ company in the service site, focus on safe and civilized construction.

3. With regard to services that involve safety of system running, must obtain clients’ consent in advance and implement them under clients’ on-site supervision.

4.Upon completion of on-site construction every day, must clean and restore the site and maintain the site clean. Project responsible persons shall report project progress to leaders of the department every week.

5. Take the initiative to report project progress to the client responsible person, actively communicate with clients to jointly push project schedule and solve problems raised by clients.

6. Pay attention to safeguard clients’ interest, do not do what is harmful for clients, and do not say what is harmful for clients.

7. Timely conclude and summarize problems that occur during project service process, sort out them as project records, submit them to the department for record-keeping to allow other staffs to be able to make judgments and adjustments over on-site situations and abnormalities in accordance with project records.

8. Upon completion of project implementation, sort out on-site equipment and maintain equipments clean. Prior to acceptance of projects, project responsible persons shall deliver relevant project documents and equipment materials to responsible person of the client and sign them and keep in archives.

9. After acceptance of the project, project responsible persons shall bring back acceptance notes, which shall contain opinions of the clients for project responsible persons.

10. Contact the department after finishing work tasks to confirm whether there are other tasks or confirm the returning journey.