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IES-F50 series Feeder Terminal Unit


IES-F50 series Feeder Terminal Unit(FTU), is used for 10KV feeder monitoring and control. Based on technologies of embedded system, digital signal processing, and grid fault detection. The FTU uses 32-bit Operating systems, and distributed architecture. The series include different items ,such as 5001(6U), 5002(4U),applying for different fields.


Technical Characteristics

  1. Use the 32-bit real-time operating system(RTOS), double CPU design, strong data processing ability.

  2. Complete SCADA function(including remote measurement, remote signaling, remote control, remote plus) and strong Signal acquisition ability.

  3. Precious fault diagnosis function, could detect faults such as Single-phase grounding , inter-phase short circuit, and overload current.

  4. Large capacity memory, long-term data storage after power or communication break down .

  5. Display function, easy to maintenance on site

  6. Terminal Flexible configuration, strong telemaintenance function.

  7. High reliability, Strong ability to adapt, Easy extension